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Stephen Lewis Foundation / Programs to support LGBTI people in Africa


Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Although we’re bombarded with daily stories on local pandemic impacts, we are less informed on the difficult situation in Africa which is particularly dire for LGBTI people.  On May 4th, members of exeQutive will hear from leaders on the ground in Africa with a special virtual panel coordinated by the Stephen Lewis Foundation. SLF will moderate a panel discussion with Gloria Mutyaba, Programs Director, Freedom and Roam Uganda, a Lesbian, Bisexual & Queer Organization  (FARUG) and John Mathenge, Founder & Director, Health Options for Young Men Against HIV, AIDS & STIs (HOYMAS).  

Health Options for Young Men Against HIV, AIDS & STIs (HOYMAS) in Kenya - Health Options for Young Men on HIV, AIDS & STIs (HOYMAS) was registered as a community-based organization in 2009 with the mandate to improve the health, wellbeing and social welfare of male sex workers (MSWs) and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in Nairobi. Since its inception, HOYMAS has trained Peer Educators and Paralegals to offer health information to the community in an inclusive manner, as well as handle and follow up on cases of rights violations. HOYMAS has made significant contributions to the accessibility of HIV and STI prevention, treatment, and care services for MSM and MSWs via networking with government clinics, and—more recently—the HOYMAS clinic. As a result, a greater number of community members are benefiting from critical services.

Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG) - Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG) is a Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer (LBQ) organization. It was established in 2003 by a group of lesbians who were constantly harassed, insulted, and discriminated by a misinformed society and who were touched by the plight of their sisters and brothers of the same sexual orientation.  It is one of the oldest organizations in Uganda that works on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression through lobbying, dialogue, visibility, and voice. FARUG brings a fierce, longstanding commitment to human rights. It is a place which feeds minds, bodies and souls and where the struggle for human rights and dignity intentionally collide.